Fire Walk for the Tigers!!!

 FiRe WaLk- TiGeR SOS!!

On the 24th of February 2012, my sister (Alex), good friend (Katja) and I will be participating in a charity event at the London Zoo in hope to raise money and awareness for the Tiger SOS campaign by… walking  barefoot across hot coals!!

The Fire Walkers will begin the evening by attending a ‘Nothing is impossible’ seminar. Here, we will learn to face our fears and learn to turn our fear state into unstoppable power to overcome any obstacles and challenges. Following the seminar, the Fire Master will then lead us out into the zoo grounds where friends and family will be able to witness us take on the path of fire- a challenge of a lifetime!

This is an extremely important cause as only 300  Sumatran tigers walk the Earth today… and if nothing is done to help protect them, soon there will be

 200… 100… 20… 10… 2…1…0

You can help by securely donating £1 on my JustGiving page:

or text TIGE88 £1 to 70070 (UK residents)




A great moment in my life…

What: Highest Bunjy Jump in the WORLD!!! 216 metres (709 feet)…

Where: Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans  Bridge, Garden Route, South Africa

When: 27 December 2009

Who: Me  🙂

Why: Because I can!!!                 

It began with my mom and I signing a form which basically said: You could die doing this.

I was 2 weeks away from commencing my final year of high school…  So doing this made it an interesting start. But  (having no real choice)  my mom shakily signed the form as I went to get geared up by a guide, who gave me an uncomfortable wedgie and successfully psyched me up for an event which would last a total of roughly 3 minutes. After mocking my Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt, the guide then led the nervous group down a rocky path to the bridge entrance.

We all had 2 options to get onto the bridge platform: walk across in a metal cage, attached to the underside of the bridge that shook with fury  every time a car drove past, or the Flying Fox. I had already braved the cage, when my sister did the jump 8 years ago, so I opted for the Flying Fox –  a “foofie slide”,  aka zipline…   Little did my mom know that this, of course, would cost her extra money. Joy :).


We were welcomed with blankets and pumping music. Then the jumpers started questioning themselves, asking “Why the (beep) did I pay to jump off a (beep) bridge?!!!!” I was pretty chilled at that time, until my name started creeping to the top of the screen. I felt my heart beating in my tummy  (ba-boomp, ba-boomp, ba-boomp….):  part adrenaline/ part no breakfast.

Next thing I knew, my feet were being strapped together and I was being given some instructions. I was floating in and out of reality, with a big smile spread across my “I dunno what’s going on” face. I asked the guys if I could look over the edge and that’s when my smile faded momentarily and was replaced by a feeling that can only be described as… AWESOME!!!!

Then… 3… 2… 1…


I bent my knees, kept my eyes open and without hesitation,performed a perfect Pocahontas dive off a 216m bridge- attached only to a bunch of elastic bands tied together :O Normal right?!!

My expected screams were in fact turned into “WHOOOO HOOO’s”, where I heard, felt and saw nothing while plummeting to the ground… pure bliss. A healthy form of ecstasy. My “high” increased when the adrenaline rushed to my head while I was hanging upside down, waiting for the “recovery”.

I was lifted back onto the platform where I was asked by the cameraman how that felt: “WHOOO HOOO!! AWESOME!!!” was my answer (no surprise). All I could do afterwards was grin like a Cheshire cat and shake my head. Did I really just do THAT??!! HELL YEAH !!

This was: A great moment in my life.

Bunjy jumping is an absolutely incredible experience that I would highly recommend to everyone. Got what it takes? Take a look at Face Adrenalin’s website. They’re open 365 days a year!        

p.s. Remember to buy the DVD afterwards  🙂

p.p.s Face Adrenalin has a 100% safety record.

Life without colour is like… you know… black & white.

In December 2011, in an amazing and simple creation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (Australia), artist Yayoi Kusama generated a large domestic environment-  painting every wall, floor, table, chair, piano, light, ornament and home embellishment a bright white- effectively posing as a plain, oversized white canvas.


Over the sequence of two weeks, the museum’s youngest visitors were literally given THOUSANDS of coloured circle stickers and were welcomed to co-operate in the renovation of the area, turning the house into a luminously speckled explosion of colour.

The artwork, entitled The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition. The project is running until March 2012, so if you’re ever hanging around the area, randomly of course, join in the fun.


2012 has arrived

As 2012 begins, I’d like to share the 45 most powerful images of 2011 and reflect back before taking another 365 day journey around the sun.

So much can happen in one year that we forget to do and say the things that we want or need to say. These pictures show that life is too short to wait.