A great moment in my life…

What: Highest Bunjy Jump in the WORLD!!! 216 metres (709 feet)…

Where: Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans  Bridge, Garden Route, South Africa

When: 27 December 2009

Who: Me  🙂

Why: Because I can!!!                 

It began with my mom and I signing a form which basically said: You could die doing this.

I was 2 weeks away from commencing my final year of high school…  So doing this made it an interesting start. But  (having no real choice)  my mom shakily signed the form as I went to get geared up by a guide, who gave me an uncomfortable wedgie and successfully psyched me up for an event which would last a total of roughly 3 minutes. After mocking my Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt, the guide then led the nervous group down a rocky path to the bridge entrance.

We all had 2 options to get onto the bridge platform: walk across in a metal cage, attached to the underside of the bridge that shook with fury  every time a car drove past, or the Flying Fox. I had already braved the cage, when my sister did the jump 8 years ago, so I opted for the Flying Fox –  a “foofie slide”,  aka zipline…   Little did my mom know that this, of course, would cost her extra money. Joy :).


We were welcomed with blankets and pumping music. Then the jumpers started questioning themselves, asking “Why the (beep) did I pay to jump off a (beep) bridge?!!!!” I was pretty chilled at that time, until my name started creeping to the top of the screen. I felt my heart beating in my tummy  (ba-boomp, ba-boomp, ba-boomp….):  part adrenaline/ part no breakfast.

Next thing I knew, my feet were being strapped together and I was being given some instructions. I was floating in and out of reality, with a big smile spread across my “I dunno what’s going on” face. I asked the guys if I could look over the edge and that’s when my smile faded momentarily and was replaced by a feeling that can only be described as… AWESOME!!!!

Then… 3… 2… 1…


I bent my knees, kept my eyes open and without hesitation,performed a perfect Pocahontas dive off a 216m bridge- attached only to a bunch of elastic bands tied together :O Normal right?!!

My expected screams were in fact turned into “WHOOOO HOOO’s”, where I heard, felt and saw nothing while plummeting to the ground… pure bliss. A healthy form of ecstasy. My “high” increased when the adrenaline rushed to my head while I was hanging upside down, waiting for the “recovery”.

I was lifted back onto the platform where I was asked by the cameraman how that felt: “WHOOO HOOO!! AWESOME!!!” was my answer (no surprise). All I could do afterwards was grin like a Cheshire cat and shake my head. Did I really just do THAT??!! HELL YEAH !!

This was: A great moment in my life.

Bunjy jumping is an absolutely incredible experience that I would highly recommend to everyone. Got what it takes? Take a look at Face Adrenalin’s website. They’re open 365 days a year!


p.s. Remember to buy the DVD afterwards  🙂

p.p.s Face Adrenalin has a 100% safety record.

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