From reality to fantasy…

I saw some cool pictures of celebrities and who their cartoon version would be … Some were mean (like Kelly Osbourne turning into>>> Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Britney Spears turning into>>> Miss Piggy from The Muppets). Ouch…

I decided to find and choose pictures that seemed more appropriate. Here are some celebrities and their respective Disney lovelies-

 Ziyi Zhang >>> Mulan

   Jessica Szohr >>> Esmeralda 

       Natalie Portman >>> Belle



 Scarlett Johansson >>> Cinderella 

  Sophia Bush >>> Meg

 Nicole Sherzinger >>> Princess Jasmine 

  Q’ orianka Kilcher >>> Pocahontas

  Blake Lively >>> Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) 

 Isla Fisher  >>> Ariel

 Dita Von Teese >>> Snow White 

  Rachel McAdams >>> Jane

 Amanda Seyfried >>> Rapunzel

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