Singing with Snow Patrol in London!!!

On Friday, 10 February 2012, my boyfriend (the lovely Tom) and I hopped onto the 5pm train to London King’s Cross station, caught the underground tube to London Bridge and from there, we caught the train to North Greenwich- the stop for the ONE and ONLY- O2 Arena.

I got the Snow Patrol album last Christmas from Tom, with 2 tickets inside to see them live in London. Same with Coldplay and I got him tickets to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Snow Patrol’s new album (Fallen Empires) is brilliant and I couldn’t wait to sing along with them in a crowd of 23,000+ people.  We arrived at the arena at 6.30pm where I was already overly excited from discovering that there was a Spur restaurant around the corner (my South African friends will understand my enthusiasm at that!).

Standing 10 metres from the stage, we applauded the supporting act: Everything Everything. No one really knew who or what they were, but their abundant energy won the crowd over (I was bobbing around like a nutter) and we thoroughly enjoyed their one hour act.

We didn’t want to lose our great spot, so we endured through the thirst and patiently waited until the clock struck 9pm… Then the lights were dimmed, the crowd roared and the charming front man, Gary Lightbody, and his crew came into light on stage…

Although I had a really tall guy in front of me (the standing kilometre), he eventually moved and I had a clear, full view of the stage. Starting with “Take Back the City” and ending with my favourite, “Just Say Yes”, I honestly could not fault the concert in any aspect.  The crowd welcomed their new tracks eagerly and everyone was buzzing! It was one of the best nights of my life and I will never forget it- especially how happy I felt. Snow Patrol sounded AMAZING and gave an awesome all round performance. Gary could not stop smiling his infectious smile and I get goosebumps thinking about how I felt when we all sang “Run” and “Chasing Cars”… there are no words. Top Marks!!!

Panoramic view
Singing "Fallen Empires".

London 2012

3 thoughts on “Singing with Snow Patrol in London!!!”

  1. Spur? England? NO WAY?!
    Sounds like some seerious fun, I saw Coldplay here last year and my mind was blown – can just imagine the epicness of this evening!!!

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