How NOT to be a parent…

To clarify: I am not a parent (yet). This post is dedicated to today’s events where Tom and I were entrusted with babysitting duties for the day to look after Tom’s niece, Molly, who is 16 months old. We were both a little nervous to start with as we have never had Miss Molly for a whole day before.

The sun was shining and so we took a walk to the lakes to feed the ducks, where Molly decided that she too was a duck, and ate the bread with them. We then stopped for some real lunch and Molly kept Tom and I in giggles with her entertaining expressions, cheeky laugh and outbursts of random words. When we returned home, she decided that nap time was not on the agenda and we all carried on playing arbitrary games. The hours passed by too quickly and before she was picked up, we played outside with the pigeons and I think that she changed her tune and thought she was one of them instead of a duck 🙂

Anyway, Molly returned to her parents (The lovely Mork and Mindy) happy and in one piece. YAY for us!!! It made me think a lot about how I’d be as a parent, IF one day I have kids of my own. So I looked for some pictures of HOW NOT TO PARENT YOUR CHILD. The shizz that people come up with is unbelievable, take a look:










P.S. If you have kids, I will not be held responsible for any ideas that you now have in your head.

P.P.S. The only ACCEPTABLE photo of Molly that I can put up from today is below and the rest are in a folder on my laptop named: How not to babysit your niece 🙂

Miss Molly Wog
Miss Molly Wog

Geez Louise and a piece of Cheese!!

SHEESH!!! What’s cooking everybody??  It’s been two weeks since I’ve added a blog post… That’s just really not good enough Tayla! (Yes, I am referring to myself in the third person). I guess being Twenteen is making me a little lackadaisical- what a great word that is! Seriously.

I had quite an eventful past weekend. The sun has been gracing us with its presence a lot lately and so of course we (Sister *Alex* , Future Bro-In-Law *Dan*, Boyfriend *Tom* and Friend *Sarah Sarah Sarah*) took advantage of this and ventured off to the ZSL London Zoo for some fun in the sun. Oh and there’s only one Sarah- we just all repeat her name three times for comical effect.

Hahaha Alex wore a green shirt, so the camera wasn’t able to pick it up and so her shirt has the pattern of our surroundings 🙂

We saw loads of animals (naturally, as it was a zoo!!) which included: Giant tortoises, countless reptiles and countless primates, penguins, lions, tigers, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, wild dogs, meerkats, aardvarks, porcupines, pygmy hippos, wallabies, sea life, Komodo dragons, camels and many more that my brain can’t remember. We got up, close and personal with a few species in the monkey enclosure and in Butterfly Paradise. Was pretty cool 🙂


After stopping for lunch and paying £6.50 for a margarita pizza the size of my hand, we carried on walking around the zoo and covered about a bajillion (not a real word) million miles! We then left the zoo and walked through the beautiful Regent’s Park.



The next day (Sunday and Tom’s birthday), Tom and I went off to London again to have a South African themed day. We started off by watching The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in Covent Garden. It was my second time seeing it and words cannot describe how AMAZING the production is!! I sang along to all the songs and thoroughly enjoyed every second!! There’s no doubt that The Lion King is one of Disney’s greatest movies ever,  so if you ever get the chance to see the production- GO!!! We then caught the tube to Camden Town to enjoy a delicious SA meal at the Shaka Zulu restaurant. The interior of the restaurant was incredible- so wonderfully detailed and truly African. Tom had a crocodile cigar for starters (crocodile springroll) while I had a biltong platter. For mains, Tom had the pork ribs and peri peri wedges and I enjoyed a medium rare rib-eye steak with Cape Malay rice and cinnamon butternut. Surprisingly, there was no room for dessert.




Other than that, I have been extremely busy at work- looking forward to the bank holiday weekend then off to Spain 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Love Love