How NOT to be a parent…

To clarify: I am not a parent (yet). This post is dedicated to today’s events where Tom and I were entrusted with babysitting duties for the day to look after Tom’s niece, Molly, who is 16 months old. We were both a little nervous to start with as we have never had Miss Molly for a whole day before.

The sun was shining and so we took a walk to the lakes to feed the ducks, where Molly decided that she too was a duck, and ate the bread with them. We then stopped for some real lunch and Molly kept Tom and I in giggles with her entertaining expressions, cheeky laugh and outbursts of random words. When we returned home, she decided that nap time was not on the agenda and we all carried on playing arbitrary games. The hours passed by too quickly and before she was picked up, we played outside with the pigeons and I think that she changed her tune and thought she was one of them instead of a duck 🙂

Anyway, Molly returned to her parents (The lovely Mork and Mindy) happy and in one piece. YAY for us!!! It made me think a lot about how I’d be as a parent, IF one day I have kids of my own. So I looked for some pictures of HOW NOT TO PARENT YOUR CHILD. The shizz that people come up with is unbelievable, take a look:










P.S. If you have kids, I will not be held responsible for any ideas that you now have in your head.

P.P.S. The only ACCEPTABLE photo of Molly that I can put up from today is below and the rest are in a folder on my laptop named: How not to babysit your niece 🙂

Miss Molly Wog
Miss Molly Wog

5 thoughts on “How NOT to be a parent…”

  1. This was too funny!!! My husband and I cracked up so hard I nearly wet my pants! Great article and fantastic photos. Isn’t it amazing what some parents will do? Thanks for sharing! BTW I had to share with my facebook friends as it was THAT funny! Cheers!

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