Blast From The Past

After having a discussion at work with a few friends about what we miss from the previous decades… Things that the kids of today will never be able to experience, I thought of a few things that were a part of my childhood in the 90s. Some things have since become extinct, so a trip down a wonderful memory lane follows:

The last episode of the Teletubbies was shown 10 years ago! (Thank goodness- that baby/sun thing was freaky as!)


Three words…


The top 20 songs of Y2K according to the official Billboard

Macaulay Culkin is 32 years old this year

Bart Simpson is 33…

The Spice Girls formed in 1994 (I was a teeny-tiny-two year old!) Their ages now:


The Hanson brothers then and now (All married with multiple kids). Mmmmmmbop!


Harry Pothead then and now

I still remember every word to this show’s theme song:

We all had one of these:

And we all wanted to be one of these….

The Macarena dance was released 17 years ago

Most kids these days won’t know what these are:


So what do you miss from the old decades? 🙂

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