Come Dine With Me (Part 1 of 4)

For those of you who know me, know that I freak out in the kitchen while I’m cooking when suddenly everything is ready all at once. One thing’s boiling over, one thing’s smoking the kitchen out and all while the other thing is burning the pan. That’s the point when I call Tom over to rescue the situation. That’s why it may seem as a shock when I suggested that a few of us do a COME DINE WITH ME event.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the TV show, here are some guide lines of what it’s all about:


These dinner dates will take place over a number of days/weeks at each participant’s home.

The host needs to sort out a three course meal menu and send this to the other contestants.

If you commit to this, then you will have to make sure that you can go to all of the nights.

At the end of each night, the participants score the host out of 10 (We have judged on the food, presentation, entertainment and hosting skills) where the winner is revealed on the last night and wins a prize.

The rules:
-No ready meals or shop bought desserts
-No help from other people
-Once your menu has been sent then you can’t change it
-You must attend every dinner party
-No sniffing for information on what people do or don’t like- just cook what you know.
-If everyone has any allergies or dietary requirements (no fussy eaters) then please let the host know.


Last weekend was the first of 4 nights, hosted by Morkalfish (Mark). The menu was as follows:

Going first adds more pressure and seeing as thought this was the first time that Mark has cooked for me, I was very impressed indeed. The starters looked and smelled amazing! The main was very tasty and satisfying and then dessert was… interesting 🙂 It wasn’t the best course according to us all, but points for the originality. He did sweeten us up with tea and chocolate afterwards.

Mark was a great host, making sure that we always had a drink in hand and a smile on our face. I can’t reveal the scores yet, but on a whole, it was a lovely evening and I am looking forward to the rest.

I host my night on August 11th- I only have my dessert planned, so any suggestions are welcome 🙂

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