Come Dine With Me (Part 4 of 4)

Well… we eventually got round to the last night of our Come Dine With Me saga and lets just face it- Mork and I didn’t stand a chance against Shminzel or Tom.  So with Lindsey’s night out the way, the only one left to dazzle us with brilliance,was Tom 🙂

We were all sent the following menu:


It was a brilliant evening with the highlight on the food front being the icky sticky ribs and the highlight of the entertainment being Mork’s face when we freaked him out by entering the lounge all wearing masks of his face 🙂 Tom was a fantastic host and made a great 3 course meal. It was of course the last night and so the winner was announced… And the winner was… (drum roll please)….

Tom AND Lindsey 🙂 !!!!!!


Out of 30, our individual total scores were:

Mork- 19

Tayla- 25

Lindsey- 27

Tom- 27


We all really enjoyed cooking for each other and the experience on a whole 🙂 It is a lot of fun and I would recommend it- even if you aren’t a great cook (like me).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone 🙂



Who is the real Mork?????
Who is the real Mork?????

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