My Life List

This is in no particular order…

1. See the Northern Lights (how amazing?!!!)

2. Crowd surf at an awesome concert

3. Swim with a whale shark (I’ve swam with dolphins in Mozambique)

4. Visit the Cherry Blossom trees in Japan

5. Grow my nails (sad face)

6. Sky dive

7. Make a snow angel

• Made one in England and Switzerland!

8. Get published in a big magazine

9. Take a road trip with my friends

10. See all the great Egyptian pyramids

11. Write a letter to the future Tayla (

12. Go on a boat cruise in Summer

13. Finish my scrapbooks

14. Fly in a helicopter

15. Dress up like an Avatar

16. See the Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil

17. Dye my hair a different colour

18. Visit Thailand and go to “The Beach”

19. Get a tattoo

• Got my first one at 18- “Polynesian Swallow”-  now I want more!

20. See the South African Springboks play rugby live

• I’ve now seen them twice 🙂 Once at the RWC 2015 in Birmingham and again in                        London in 2016.

21. Visit the Grand Canyon

22. Ride a motor bike

23. Visit New York

24. The world’s highest bunjy jump

• Done!!! (see my post about it)

25. Complete a photography course

26. Go camping

27. Learn how to surf

28. Swim under a waterfall

29. Go to Greece

30. See the Great Barrier Reef

31. Ride a tandem bicycle

32. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

33. Visit Rome          

34. Send a message in a bottle

35. Go to an Indian wedding

36. See traces of the Berlin Wall

37. Fly in a hot air balloon

38. Make my own wine

39. Invent a board game

40. Go on a standby, last minute holiday

41. Write my own book and get published



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