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Tayla SKYDIVES for Tyla!!!!!!!!

Hi Everybody 🙂

Every year I try do something good for charity where last year, I walked over hot coals to raise money for the Tiger SOS Campaign. I raised money above my target (See the post HERE) and this year, I’d like to smash that out of the park! Let me introduce you to someone very special to me…

This is my lovely friend, Tyla and I.
T and T



Tyla is a nine year old girl who would like to be a dinosaur explorer when she grows up. She is passionate about the rain forest, ancient Egyptians and loves Harry Potter.

Tyla has a condition which means she has to see many specialists across different hospitals for different reasons, but the one she enjoys visiting the most is Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. They really look after her there and make her feel very welcome and cared for. With over 220,000 patient visits every year, the hospital needs to raise over £50 million yearly, in order to fund itself. THIS IS WHERE WE CAN ALL HELP!

And so, this is the charity that both Tyla and myself would like to support to show them that we truly appreciate their help, dedication, encouragement and love.

“Great Ormond Street Hospital is full of remarkable children whose bravery touches everyone. With their supporters, they help keep the magic alive for thousands of children who need their help every year. The charity exists to support Great Ormond Street Hospital so that it can remain at the forefront of international paediatric medicine and continue to offer specialist, world-class care to thousands of patients every year.”

Therefore, on the 21st of September 2013, I will be JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. One of my friends has also big-heartedly offered to support this great cause and she is likewise mad enough to skydive with me 🙂

I’m really excited about this and kindly ask that if you are able to, please help us raise money by safely donating via my online donation page at the address below or the button to the right of this page:


Or you can text TSFT99 with your amount (£) to 70070.


If you have any questions or would like to help me in ANY way- please contact me (at the end of this post) and know that we truly appreciate the support and so does Tyla 🙂 Remember- every little, helps A LOTTLE!  It’s like a little, but it’s a lot 🙂

Thank you very much you awesome humans!




Tyla at GOSH


Blast From The Past

After having a discussion at work with a few friends about what we miss from the previous decades… Things that the kids of today will never be able to experience, I thought of a few things that were a part of my childhood in the 90s. Some things have since become extinct, so a trip down a wonderful memory lane follows:

The last episode of the Teletubbies was shown 10 years ago! (Thank goodness- that baby/sun thing was freaky as!)


Three words…


The top 20 songs of Y2K according to the official Billboard

Macaulay Culkin is 32 years old this year

Bart Simpson is 33…

The Spice Girls formed in 1994 (I was a teeny-tiny-two year old!) Their ages now:


The Hanson brothers then and now (All married with multiple kids). Mmmmmmbop!


Harry Pothead then and now

I still remember every word to this show’s theme song:

We all had one of these:

And we all wanted to be one of these….

The Macarena dance was released 17 years ago

Most kids these days won’t know what these are:


So what do you miss from the old decades? 🙂