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Turning Twenteen… Is that right?!

So… yesterday was my 20th birthday 🙂 (Thank you for the birthday wish that you just silently said in your head for me… or if not, then thanks for reading this!) I still like to think that I’m a young and free teenager… so I actually turned twenteen!! My sister and her Dan kindly allowed Tom and I to use their lovely house for a braai (barbeque) to celebrate our week-apart birthdays. The weather was miserable, but the great food and company made everything worth while. I got really spoilt by my Tom, friends and family and a highlight of my birthday included a surprise phone call from my BFF, Margot, in South Africa (xoxox).

Thank you to everyone for the amazing messages, phone calls and warm wishes 🙂 You are all such beauties!!

Cheers to the 20’s!!!

My birthday cake with my face on!