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*SoNgS oN sHuFfLe*

I’m sure that everyone can agree that music is, without a doubt, a soul saver. Music helps to preserve the memories of a person, place or moment. I listen to music every day and love to have a little sing- a- long song time. I also have quite a good singing voice- if I say so myself. No, I actually really don’t. My best friend, Margot, thinks that I sound like a cat drowning 🙂 Thanks M.

So, here’s something a little fun to do 🙂 Grab your cellphone, Ipod, MP3 player, jukebox, boom box, tune box or whatever you crazy kids use these days and follow the five instructions below:

1. Put your music player on shuffle.

2. Press forward for each question.

3. Use the song title as the answer to the questions below and NO CHEATING– no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

4. Add the artist so we know which song it really is.

 5. Have fun!! 🙂

How would you describe yourself?

BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY- Fergie feat. Sean Kingston  (Lies! I cry a lot… even in cartoons!)

How would other people describe you?

YOUR CALL- Secondhand Serenade

If someone says “Are you okay?”, you say…

BEST I’LL EVER BE- Sister Hazel  (Nice one Tayls!)

What do you like in a partner?

FOREVER- Chris Brown   (Aaah… so sweet)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

JUST WANNA BE WITH YOU- Cast of High School Musical 3   (Yes… I do have HSM3 songs on my Ipod)

Your life’s purpose is…

THE LONELY ONE- Alice Deejay  (Ouch!)

Your life’s motto is…


A song that reminds you of good times…

THE END- Simple Plan

What do you think of your best friends?

JAI HO- The Pussycat Dolls  (Meeeowww!)

Wedding song?

MARRY ME- Train  (WHAT??!! Oh my word, that’s so cool!! Totally the best answer in this!)

Funeral song?

STORM- Lifehouse  (Guess I’m gonna die from a lightning strike.)

Your hobbies?


Biggest fear?

CRAZY- Simple Plan  (Does this mean that I’m afraid of becoming crazy?? Well, too late!)

Biggest dream?

BOYFRIEND- Ashlee Simpson  (Love you Tom ❤ !!)

What would you do with all the world’s money?

LETS GET CRAZY- Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana  (HELL YEAH!!! And yes again… I do listen to Hannah Montana!)

Your most missed memory?

KISS ME- Sixpence None The Richer

Your worst personality trait?

SECOND CHANCE- Tinchy Stryder feat. Taio Cruz

The best gift you’ve ever received?

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER-  Cast of High School Musical 3  (blush!)

The best thing about life is…

I GOT A FEELING- Black Eyed Peas

Your fondest memory is…


The weirdest thing about you is?

PAPER PLANES- M.I.A   (Yeah, that is weird!)

Where will you be in 10 years time from now?

SCOTTY DOESN’T KNOW- Lustra  (And neither do I)