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Photo A Day- March 2013

Hello my dear readers,

This post is almost ONE WHOLE YEAR late, but as they say: it’s better late than never.  In March 2013, I decided to do a photo challenge – Please see the post here. I adapted the challenge and admittedly, some photo’s aren’t from that exact day, but all the themes have been covered.  xoxo

March Photo a Day

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A Photo A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I have decided to undertake the “PHOTO A DAY” challenge, where I will be taking a photo every day of March which reflects on the relevant themes below. I chose March as it is the month of many birthdays in my family, including myself, and this year I turn 21!  I will be posting the 31 photos after I complete the challenge. If you would like to be a part of it, here’s what to do:

#NikonPhotoADay: March

It’s time to start #NikonPhotoADay for the month of March and, if you gave up halfway through the February, it’s time to start afresh and join us for this month-long photographic challenge. Here’s how it works:

1. Keep the #NikonPhotoADay March list with you at all times.

2. Use the daily themes of inspiration to take your photograph for that day. For example: 31. Egg – photograph an egg or something that makes you think of an egg etc. Each theme is open to your own interpretation. 

4. This is for fun. There are no winners, losers or prizes. 

5. Share with your friends! Challenge them if you must.

March photo a day